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The perfect prescription for healthcare reform

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There's only one accredited educator giving financial advisors the latest information on the new complexities in healthcare.

The Chartered Healthcare Consultant® (ChHC®) designation starts with two key courses: Essentials of Healthcare Reform (HS 345) and The Healthcare Consultant (HS 346). Both are offered in the popular 10-week live web class format for full College credit.

Call The American College today to register for either course — complete with a full year of updates — or pursue a Certificate in Healthcare Reform Studies. These courses are the best medicine for your health insurance practice!

Webinar — Only $799 per class

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December Start Dates:

Essentials of Healthcare Reform – HS 345
March 10 at 2 pm  
The Healthcare Consultant – HS 346
March 5, 2014 at 2 pm  
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